AddIns – Manifest Overview

For a control add-in to work on all display targets there has to be a manifest. The manifest contains a declarative description of the control add-in and is written in XML. The manifest is added together with any resource files in a .zip file and registered with the control add-in resources in the Client Add-in page. This topic explains the structure of a manifest by using an example of the manifest for the Bing Maps control add-in. For more information about the implementation of the Bing Maps control add-in, see Walkthrough: Creating and Using a Client Control Add-in. More…


New UX in NAV (Dynamics 365 Tenerife)

After first Keynote on Directions NA, we got a very exciting news about rebranding of our products and about their common future as Dynamics 365 ‘Tenerife’. In my previous post, I wanted to announce only the most important news and later write a more detailed. But in a meantime, Waldo wrote a post with perfect explained all these details and I’ll just give you URL to this post instead of writing the same text. More…##1.PNG