Securing the NAV Web Client Connection with SSL

With a Virtual machine on Azure as a NAV Server and with an endpoint created in Azure management portal, we will be able to access NAV Web Client from anywhere through the internet! More…


View / install certificates for local machine store on Windows 7

Start mmc.exe (as administrator), menu File -> Add/Remove Snap-in.., select “Certificates”, press Add, select radio button “Computer account”, press Finish and OK. More…

  1. Import-Module .\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx.ps1.
  2. New-SelfSignedCertificateEx –Subject “CN=<your site name>” –IsCA $true –Exportable –StoreLocation LocalMachine


Self-signed certificate generator (PowerShell)

This script is an enhanced open-source PowerShell implementation of deprecated makecert.exe tool and utilizes the most modern certificate API — CertEnroll.

The script is intended for test environments to ensure that particular application is properly configured to use digital certificates before the application is deployed in a production environment.

The self-signed certificate generator consist of a single PowerShell function named “New-SelfSignedCertificateEx”. Import the function in to current PowerShell session and call the function with desired parameters. More…