Culture Settings on NAV Web Services

We live in a world of global interaction, and this is reflected in the software that we use at work and at home. As expected this culture differences brings also more complexity and one more extra care for our development side. For instance, a Germany company that is now expanding its business to USA do need to take care of the cultural differences present on our system as date formats, number formats, and so on. Since in Germany we do for instance use the date as DD/MM/YY and in USA MM/DD/YY, we do have an issue when integrating those two systems. More…


Probar servicios REST


  • Postman: herramienta que permite probar servicios web fácilmente. Basta con indicar la url, el método HTTP (POST, GET, etc.) y los parámetros de la petición.
  • Fiddler: permite capturar tráfico HTTP y HTTPS, realizar registros para una fácil revisión, además darnos la posibilidad de modificar el tráfico HTTP.