WSO2 – Defining Nested Queries

Nested queries help you to use the result of one query as an input parameter of another, and the queries executed in a nested query works in a transactional manner. More…
JSON Mapping with Nested Queries: 
Nested queries can be mentioned in the JSON mapping by giving the query details as a JSON object attribute. That is, the name of the target query to be called and the property value (the fields in the result mapped with the target query parameters) are included in the JSON mapping as the object attribute name. More…


NewtonSoft – JSON

Popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET more…

Probar servicios REST


  • Postman: herramienta que permite probar servicios web fácilmente. Basta con indicar la url, el método HTTP (POST, GET, etc.) y los parámetros de la petición.
  • Fiddler: permite capturar tráfico HTTP y HTTPS, realizar registros para una fácil revisión, además darnos la posibilidad de modificar el tráfico HTTP.