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Quick Fix : Visual Studio displaying NAV Report Layout as XML

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I got this issue with Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition. 

Every time I open a Dynamics NAV report layout in Visual Studio, RDLC is rendered as XML file instead of visual layout with all the fields and tool boxes. 

How the report layout looks: 

FIX : In order to fix the issue you need to install “Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools”

To install “Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools” you need to go to 
Control Panel  -> Programs and Features – > Microsoft Visual Studio <Edition> -> Change

Or you can re run the installation setup. 
From the features list, enable “Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools” option and proceed. 

Once the installation is completed you are good to go. This time report layout will open in correct design layout. 
Hope this helps you to resolve the issue. happy designing. 

New Wizard in Report Builder for Dynamics NAV 2018

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Trying to create a new report in Dynamics NAV 2018, I got an error opening the layout.

Being lazy as I am, I just switched to Report Builder instead of installing the new Visual Studio 2017.

Big was my surprise.

The layout was changed and wizards have been added for Tables, Matrixes and Lists.

The table wizard first lets you select the dataset, then the New Table Wizard appears:

Then Clicking Next, giving this:

Ending up with this:

Does anybody remember the classic report designer???

Dynamics NAV – Reporting

ERROR: Component Model Cache



Al intentar abrir el layout de un report, en este caso de Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 con Visual Studio 2012, salta el error de la figura.

Solución: Borrar o renombrar el archivo “ComponentModelCache“, que podemos encontrar en la siguiente ruta: “%AppData%\..\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\“.

Referencia: articulo.

Installing and Publishing the Jet Business Objects on the Microsoft Dynamics Server

Jet Professional and Jet Essentials 2012 R2 and higher include the ability to report from databases for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and higher. Web Services can be used to communicate with recent versions of Dynamics NAV (rather than NAV’s C/Front utility, which was used with versions prior to NAV 2013). This document describes the process for configuring Jet Professional using Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and newer. More…

Integrating Reporting Services Using URL Access – Web Application

URL access in Reporting Services is specifically designed to enable access to individual reports over a network. This type of access is best for integrating report viewing and navigation into a custom Web application. To use URL access in Web applications, you can: +

  • Address a URL to a specific report server from a Web site or portal.
  • Use a form POST method and pass query string parameters to a report server URL using form fields.