Job Queue Setup error in NAV 2013 R2 with multi-tenancy

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I finally got this all working. There were a couple of separate issues. Starting the queue manually was failing due to some of our own code in the job queue dispatcher. Once that was resolved I still couldn’t get a queue to start automatically though. I discovered through trial and error that in a multi-tenant environment the Services Default Company is not actually where you want to put the default company. Instead, you must specify a Default Company when you mount the tenant in addition to enabling NAS services for that tenant. You must do this even if there is only 1 company within that tenant. Also, the Windows account running the service must be a user within the tenant – even if you aren’t using Windows Authentication for that service.

Now that it’s all set up though it works well – I can have 1 NAS service instance with all of the tenants mounted to it each with their own job queue, entries, and recurrences.


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Sample: http://IP_HOST:8080/DynamicsNAV71/WebClient/List.aspx?company=EMPRESA&node=XXX...XXX&mode=View&page=9006&i=A3&ni=2&tenant=tenant1

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