Nav on Docker HOL

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All shipped versions of NAV since NAV 2016RTM are available on the public docker hub, where you also can find the EULA and the supported tags:
Under Tags, you will find a list of all the tags in the public repository. Docker images are constructed in layers. That means a Docker pull will only need to download those
layers that are different from already downloaded layers.
Docker image names are build up of 3 sections:
<registry> can be a private registry (like or the public docker hub, using a single identifier (like microsoft).
<repository> is for all NAV images dynamics-nav
<tag> determines which NAV image to get.
The tag is build up by this syntax: [[version][cu]][localization]
All parts of the tag are optional and if you omit a part, you will get the latest (or w1 for the localization).
Parts are seperated by a dash if multiple parts are specified and all parts are specified using lower case characters.
Example of valid image names:
microsoft/dynamics-nav – gives you the latest cumulative update for the latest NAV version with the worldwide (W1) localization
microsoft/dynamics-nav:dk – gives you the latest cumulative update for the latest NAV version with the Danish (DK) localization
microsoft/dynamics-nav:2017-w1 – gives you the latest cumulative update for NAV 2017 with the worldwide localization
microsoft/dynamics-nav:2016-cu24 – gives you CU24 NAV 2016 with the worldwide localization
microsoft/dynamics-nav:2018-cu2-na – gives you the CU2 for NAV 2018 with the North American (NA) localization
The number of tags is pretty extensive, but you can build up any tag from the above syntax.
The devpreviews are special tags [devpreview][month][localization] – devpreview-february is the latest while writing and localization starts with fin (for financials)
Additionally all images are tagged with [buildnumber][localization], where buildnumber is the build number (e.g. 11.0.20348.0)
As a consequence, microsoft/dynamics-nav:11.0.20348.0-dk – gives you NAV 2018 CU2 with Danish localization.