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Walkthrough: Publishing, Raising, and Subcribing to an Event in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This walkthrough uses a simple example scenario to demonstrate how to program events in the application.

Restoring a Database in a Different Domain

You may need to restore a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database in a situation where the users you had previously created are no longer available. For example, if you have restored your database in a different Windows domain or on a different network altogether. In this situation, you must take extra steps to assure that you will be able to run the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client and connect to the database. More…

USE restored_db;
TRUNCATE TABLE "User Personalization";
TRUNCATE TABLE "User Property";
TRUNCATE TABLE "Access Control";

Action Image Library

The RoleTailored client includes images that you can use on actions that display in the Action Pane and command bar menus. To add an image to an action, you must provide the name of the image. For more information…