Simple table extension to add a new field.

If you are starting to learn development in D365 then understanding the difference between the customization and extensions is something to investigate. Extension being the new concept to allow smaller changes and better hotfixing procedure in production. This is a simple example of creating an extension to add a new field to a table.

D365FO 1611 – Update3 (7.0.4307.16141)

In a previous post you can see the process of creating a new model and project.

Creating a new model file

If you are just starting out with D365 or moving from AX2012 then it helps to have a little orientation on where to find things. If you are coming from AX2012 then you will have a lot of basic concepts that still apply in D365 but there are new ways to do things.

When starting development you will need to create a new model. A model can be used to package up the development we are doing so you can later deploy to an environment. To actually do work within Visual Studio you will need to create a project. A project is like any other Visual Studio in that it organizes the items you are working on.

D365FO 1611 – Update3 (7.0.4307.16141)