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Sample: Dynamics Connector (Download)

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) Connector allows you to access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web API through WSO2 ESB. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Now it’s known as Microsoft Dynamics 365) system is a standalone CRM product from Microsoft that provides Sales, Marketing and Service Management capabilities only via individual modules.


On-Premise Connector for CRM 2013 and GP 2013 Issues

…You can find this url directly from CRM by navigating to settings->Customization->Developer Resources … More…

  • Discover the URL for your organization using the Organization Service. More…
  • Walkthrough: Setting Up Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Use Connector. More…

Synchronizing Data:

The final part of the walkthrough demonstrates how to synchronize your data. You activate the maps that you have created in the integration part of the walkthrough and check logs for information, errors, and warnings.

You activate maps one at a time. Allow each map to complete its synchronization before you continue with the next one. At any time, in the navigation pane, choose Maps to see an overview of map synchronization activity.

Activate maps in the following order. This helps manage data dependencies and helps prevent integration warnings and errors.

  1. NAV Enumerated Values to Picklist1
  2. NAV Currency Exchange Rates to Currency
  3. NAV Units of Measure to Unit Group
  4. NAV Salespeople/Purchasers to ERP System User
  5. NAV Customer Card to Account
  6. NAV Contact Card to Contact
  7. NAV Item Card to Product
  8. NAV Resource List to Product
  9. NAV Sales Order to Order
  10. NAV Sales Invoice to Invoice
  11. NAV Posted Sales Invoice to Invoice
  12. Account to NAV Customer Card
  13. Contact to NAV Contact Card
  14. Order to NAV Sales Order