How to build a Xamarin.Forms project referring Syncfusion controls in Mobile Center

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To build Xamarin.Forms application in build center, kindly follow the steps described below.

Connecting to a source repository

To build your application in Mobile Center, you should connect your code repository service (GitHub, Bitbucket, VSTS) account. You can commit your application in any one of the below listed accounts.

  1. Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
  2. GitHub
  3. Bitbucket

For more details, we kindly request you to refer the below link.


Here we check with a GitHub example.

Sample in GitHub

We have attached the sample in the below link which is used for further explanations.


You can commit this sample in your GitHub account.

Restoring private NuGet

To restore NuGet, you should commit NuGet.config file at the root folder of your application in GitHub repository as per the below screenshot.


Your NuGet which you are going to use in your application should have been added as package source in that NuGet.Config file.


Build your application in Mobile Center

Please follow the below steps to know about how to build an application in Mobile Center.

1. Login into your azure account.

2. Once you logged in, click on Add new app.


3. Add the details about your newly created app such as Name, Description, OS, Platform.


4. You can create application in the OS/Platformwhich would you like.

Note: If you have created your application in Android OS under Xamarin platform, you can able to build Android platform only. You should create a new application, if you want to run your application in iOS under Xamarin.


5. Click the Build option to build an application.


6. You can select any one of the service listed below(Visual Studio Team Services/ GitHub/Bitbucket).

Ex: Connect your GitHub account and choose the repository which you created under your GitHub account.



7. Click on the branch as per the below screenshot.


8. Finally, Configure your build.


9. While configuring the build, you can change the Configuration mode either as Debug or release and Mono version too.


10. Once you done all the above configuration process, just click on the Save & Build option it will start to build your application automatically.


Note: Please refer the below link to know the brief details about how to build an application in mobile center project.




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